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" NHL Season Preview - Pacific Division"
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I decided to put together my own My NHL Season Preview, please read and tell me your thoughts

I started with the Pacific Division

Phoenix Coyotes

First I have to say sorry to the fans of the Phoenix Coyotes, you will have the toughest of seasons to watch. Your team will have to play Anaheim, San Jose, and Dallas a total of 24 times. And you most likely propel Los Angeles and or Dallas into the playoff as well. Phoenix only won 9 games when playing other teams in there division.... meaning they gave the other four teams 46 points. Phoenix gave Dallas 14 points alone!!! I could go on but there is no point. Look for much of the same from Phoenix this year. Poor Gretzky.

Los Angeles Kings

The LA Kings should be a much better team this year. They have a lot of new faces this year as long as they can gel early in the season and get some wins stacked together, they should have a chance. Unfortunately they start the season against Anaheim, twice. Their problem is that they are in a division with both San Jose and Anaheim. Also they will need to get more points from Phoenix and Dallas this year, if they can, they should be in a battle with Dallas for a playoff spot come March.

Dallas Stars

The Dallas Stars are going to have a tougher time this year. They did not add big free agent this year but still have a great goalie along with a great duo of Modano and Morrow. I also believe they made one good addition with Winchester, could be a diamond in the ruff. This year however the Dallas Stars will have to contend with Anaheim, San Jose and a much improved LA Kings. Points will be harder to come by this year and you my see a Star fall out of playoff contention this year.

San Jose Sharks

Not much needs to be said about San Jose, they have the same team as last year. As long as they keep Marleau around for the season, they will be battling with Anaheim for top spot in the Pacific Division.

Anaheim Ducks

Will they repeat?? Hard to say. I think not. They got a free ride through last years playoffs. their only challenge were the Detroit Red Wings. Minnesota and Vancouver never challenged the ducks and were quickly eliminated.. 4 games to 1. Detroit was only able to extended their series by one more game. And as for Ottawa.. I'm sure they are trying to forget the finals. As for this year upcoming year, even without Selanne and Niedermayer, they have great goal tending, two great defencemen, and some of the best young forwards in the game today. Look for Anaheim to battling San Jose for top spot in the Pacific Division.

Pacific Division Projected Results

1. Anaheim Ducks
2. San Jose Sharks
3. Dallas Stars
4. Los Angeles Kings
5. Phoenix Coyotes

Most likely the division will end the same way it did last year, this time however, Dallas and Los Angeles will be neck and neck for one of the last playoff spots in the Western Conference. The parity in the NHL this year will be crazy. I think there will be more teams this year that will be in similar situations like Toronto, Montreal, and New York Islanders were in at the end of last season.
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August 29, 2007 12:13 PM ET | Delete
NIce job, but I think San Jose will edge out Anaheim in the reg season, the playoffs will probably be a different story though.
August 29, 2007 1:12 PM ET | Delete
The San Jose Sharks lost Bill Guerin, Vesa Toskala, Mark Bell and Scott Hannan. They aren't the same team at all. Losing Toskala might hurt if they can't get another decent backup. The team should still be good though because of all the younger guys they have who will likely improve. But they are no lock to be a top team again this year IMO.
August 29, 2007 2:44 PM ET | Delete
I definently agree with your predictions, I wonder how long it will take for Phoenix to develop enough players to push for a playoff spot. They are definently in a tough division, but I would love to see them turn around soon. LA will definently be an exciting team to watch this year, if they had a true bonified #1 goalie I think that could propel them up in the standings a bit, but I believe LA will be the wild card in the division.
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