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This is my first blog entry ever posted, so hopefully I get some negative and positive reviews.. lol Hopefully a single review would be just fine. But I wanted to write a blog directed towards all the people who argue and complain consistently about OUR Toronto Maple Leafs. First off, I would consider myself a huge fan of the club, thus making me a vitale part of Leaf Nation, but, there is a huge gap between myself and a die hard fan. I live to watch the Leafs but I can also give them good feedback after a shallow year, a Die hard fan just couldnt do that. Too many Leaf fans these years argue constantly on "How bad the goalie is", or "JFJ and MLSE are destroying the Leafs" etc. This CAN be true to a point, but it's these kind of complaints that damage the club more. When you play on a team you want to see and hear results, you strive for positive reviews and constructive critism, but when year after year all you hear is complaints and negative reviews on how key players 'suck' and so on it gets pretty frustrating ...Primarily, Your direction gets lost. Its like trying to tell your child they wont ever pass math class because their not intelligent enough, as a way try an encourage him to try harder and they'll do fine .. The Maple Leafs have what some call the TOUGHEST media and critics of any team. I believe we have the worst and least educated critics. Look at the Toronto Media (Toronto Sun) is an example, a newspaper popular for pictures with the reading material a grade 4 can read. How educated can these writers technically be??? On top of everything like all media ' these people follow a trend that is known to be successful' that trend for us is to complain about the Leafs failure to launch a promising year. The reason this trend is successful is because 'WE' as the readers allow it .. Its not like are undisputed secret hate for our team is changing the politics behind them, its merely discouraging our players to care to perform to their top potential. We as a fan base and supporters lack the Support our team needs. There is a reason Toronto is known to make or break players and thats because if they have a bad year we try are hardest to ruin what they've spent so long trying to perfect (Raycroft is an example).. So basically as I sit here at work and write this, I just want Leafs Nation to know we arent allowing OUR team to get better because we can't be better fans. Some argue 40 years and no cup, but another 40 years doesnt seem impossible with the way we as the fans and the media treat ourteam .. Look at the team for what they offer, not for what the owe....None of these players owe us anything, especially after the way we treat them .. And yes, they get paid to play, but we get paid to work and we dont like hearing how crappy we are day in and day out when we know we're good at our jobs
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