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Flames are getting tired

Posted 11:43 AM ET | Comments 0
The schedule finally seems to be wearing on the flames. Last night they looked tired.

To be honest, I don't blame them. Back to back contests are physically draining, and the flames are in the middle of an 11 game stretch that only contains 1 game that is not part of a back to back situation (Jan 2, against the Leafs).

The game on Friday at home against Columbus is a game that I think the flames can win, but looking at the Canucks on Saturday, I'm not feeling optimistic at all.

As a flames fan, I hate dropping games to Vancouver. Unfortunately, this one seems as though it's been gift-wrapped by the schedule makers.

I know that the olympic break wreaks havoc on NHL schedule makers. I know that there are dozens of considerations that come into play.

10 games back to back out of 11 still seems ridiculous to me.

I'm proud of what the guys have been able to do so far. If they can keep scrapping it out, they get a week at home to recuperate and feel the love from the C of Red.


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