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All the talk is about how the NHL is trying so hard to attract the US telavision markets to watch there product.well if the suits in the nhl head office would ever whatch a game being brodcast from an american station compared to a canadian station,the answer would smack them right in the face.let me elaborate,i am a diehard hockey fan,i have the NHL CENTRE ICE package.i fallow the flames and oilers religously(i know your thinking how can someone love both the flames and oilers but thats for another blog) anyway when my teams go on the road and the game is not being picked up by sportsnet,cbc or tsn i go nuts because i am forced to whatch the game on the home teams broadcast.the broadcasts are so far you can't see the puck,you can't get a feel for the game at all.i think san jose,long island are by far the worst games to whatch on tv.its like the cameras are in the last row of the building,and in new york its like there playing with one light on.now i must say the broadcasters do a great job with information and knowledge,but the games are really for the most part unwatchable.and thats coming from someone who has whatched hockey all my life.so when the casual fan in the Us turns on a game and can't fallow whats going on,how can you blame them for not being interested.so my thought is this,why don't the usa tv people comunicate with the canadian tv people and actually whatch each others broadcasts to make them all on the same page.i guarantee that if the USA viewer would whatch a game from a canadian team they would love it.the angles and the camera positions are perfect.the sound is perfect,just enough ice,fan and broadcaster.for those who watch in HD they have nothing to complain about.but untill every household has HD the NHL has alot of work to do.

just me thoughts
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