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Well, the Ducks ran into the law of averages tonight, and it looked a heck of a lot like the Chicago Blackhawks. Coming in on a 6 game winning streak, and not having lost in Chicago since the early Stone Age, things looked good for the Ducks to tie the franchise record for wins in a row. Of course, as they say, that's why they play the game.

The Ducks flat out looked bad. Their passing was atrocious, they could barely get a shot through the Blackhawk defensemen, and Teemu Selanne literally just fell down 3 or 4 times. Of course, the 10 power plays they gave up didn't help, and will probably hurt them even more tomorrow, given how much time the penalty killers had to spend on the ice.

We all knew that they were going to lose sometime, and the Hawks have been just as hot as the Ducks have been lately, but to see them revert to the form they showed earlier in the year...taking bad, undisciplined penalties...was disconcerting. I thought those days were behind us. Hopefully, this was a blip on the road to the end of the regular season, and Coach Carlyle can right the ship overnight.
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March 6, 2008 3:16 PM ET | Delete
Hawks "pushed the right buttons." Namely getting in the partially shielded face of Captain Pronger. The Ducks didn't accept that too kindly and took the penalties the Hawks wanted them to take. Very smart.
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