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My Predictions

Posted 3:21 PM ET | Comments 1

1.) Pittsburgh
2.) Montreal
3.) Washington
4.) Philadelphia
5.) NY Rangers
6.) Tampa Bay
7.) Toronto
8.) Ottawa


1.) San Jose Sharks
2.) Detroit RedWings
3.) Edmonton Oilers
4.) Dallas Stars
5.) Minnesota Wild
6.) Anaheim Ducks
7.) Calgary Flames
8.) Vancouver Canucks

I'm not going to make Stanley Cup Predictions because its near impossible to do so. I am not the only one who feels Toronto makes it as Darren Dreger and The Hockey News have them finishing anywhere from 7th to 10th so thats where I put them.

Should be a good year and with little to know pressure on the Leafs they won't be so hard up to perform which could really work in there favor.
December 18, 2008 2:33 PM ET | Delete
Wow! Look where your bottom three teams in the East sit right now. Unless each team somehow finds a miracle, then your going to look like an idiot for posting your predictions. And really Dallas 4th in the West? Toronto, Ottawa and Tampa sit 11, 12th and dead last in the East, just thought I'd point that out since you obviously don't follow the NHL.
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