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The Sounds of Hockey

Posted 11:25 PM ET | Comments 0
Do you hear what I hear? Of course you do. The scratching skates against the ice, the thumping of bodies, the sharp thwack of the slapshot, the rippling of the mesh, the gasps and screams and howls of the fans, the booming voices of coaches screaming out instructions, and the goal horns, oh how could I forget you? Not since the Super Series have I heard you, and have I ever missed you.

With Pre-Season heading to full-speed I find myself glued to my computer screen soaking in every minute of it I can thanks to NHL Center Ice Online. Wins and losses, fights and goals. Every second of it a treat. Why, you ask? Because 3 months is oh, oh, so very long without hockey.

A few weeks from now the chase for the Cup begins anew. But for now, let's all rejoice and be "friendly". Canucks and Flames fans need not apply. Enjoy and be refreshed, the eternal summer is finally over. Hockey is finally here.
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