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"Ansewring silly questions from Mods"
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First of all I want to commend Paul Holmgren for adding the talent and potential to the Club. But at this point, that's all it is. As far as the Forwards, I'm fairly confident that Gagne-Briere-Knuble line is going to be a very good first line. But we all know that one line teams don't win Stanley Cups. Which leads me to the second line, whomever it may be. Others have said, and I agree totally, that Jeff Carter is the key to this team. Here's a guy, with good size, good skating ability, and a tremendous shot. But he has yet been able to put it together. The remaining possible players to fill the second line are all fine talents with a tremendous upside. But at the same time, are question marks. Out of Lupul, Hartnell, Richards, Carter, and Upshall, none them are automatics. And if you read the article on Secondary Stats. If Lupul isn't scoring, he's not worth much else. Defensively, the additions of Kimmo Timmonen and Jason Smith, will help tremedously. It will also allow the team to use Derian Hatcher in less of a role. In order to hide his deficiencies. Lasse Kukonen seems like a warrior. A fine stay at home defenseman willing to sacrifice himself to stop a goal, but at the same time, just a role player. Braydon Coburn has tremendous size and skating ability. Will he develop into a quality player? Who knows. Martin Biron is an upgrade in goal and will be a solid player. But not one who can carry a team. The future looks much brighter than last year. But potential has to become reality.
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Dude,My apologies if I stepped out of line last night. I was only being sincere in my thoughts, but I fear I may have overstepped my bounds. Since you didn't respond, I can only imagine that you took my comments too close to the heart. Anyhow, I look forward to your future posts, and again, sorry if I took too much of a liberty in stating my thoughts on your posts.
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You sir are a FUCKTARD!
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