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SHUTOUT?,,, 0-0 Ties, shootout, backup goalie, regulation time, overtime, hmmm.

Fantasy Hockey players can get very anxious over these kind of things,,, he gets a shutout!, he gets a shutout not?

Recently I was very curious about who potentially would get a shutout in a 0-0 tie. This came up after the Saturday, October 20, 2007 - BOSTON 1, NY RANGERS 0 (ShootOut) game where the game was tied 0-0 in regulation.

RECAP: http://www.nhl.com/scores...rts/20072008/ES020102.HTM

Manny gets a shutout for sure, what about Henrik? How does this work with the shootout?

This is what I found out:

If one goalie plays all regulation (regular + OT or 65 minutes) then he will be credited with a shutout, even in a 0-0 tie. Even if a backup goalie comes in after 65 minutes for the shootout, the goalie to allow no goals during all regulation minutes will be credited with the shutout. In the case of a 0-0 tie after 65 minutes of regulation and overtime, both goalies, if they played all minutes, will be awarded a shutout.

Note: If one goalie did not play the entire game,,, and instead two goalies were to play during regulation time (regular + OT) for one team and allow no goals, it will be a shutout awarded to the "team", neither goalie for that team will be credited with a shutout.

So for my case, Henrik did not get the win but did get a SO, 0.00 GAA, and 1.000 SV%! (Though official stats show the NYR backup goalie played for 13 seconds,,, maybe I got away with one here.)


....more from from Wikipedia. See Wikipedia, Shutout, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shutout

In ice hockey, a shutout is given to a team whose goaltender successfully prevents the other team from scoring and plays the entire game. The current record holder for most regular season career shutouts is Terry Sawchuk with 103 (See All-Time Regular Season Shutouts). The current modern-day record for a team as being shutout in a season is held by the Columbus Blue Jackets at sixteen, in the current 2006-2007 season.

NHL Complications
For the 2005/2006 National Hockey League regular season the NHL adopted NHL Rule 89(b) shoot out format. If the game remains tied after 60 minutes regulation time have elapsed (a condition often referred to as a regulation tie), a short five minute sudden death overtime (OT) is played four-on-four (with one fewer skater on each side, which opens up the ice and promotes scoring). If the five minute OT does not determine a winner, the game goes into shoot out (SO). While the shoot out has been widely adopted in European leagues and International Hockey it was long resisted by conservative voices in Canada and America as an inferior method to end a hockey game.

In the first round of the shoot-out, each team is granted three shooters. The shooters alternate between teams. Like baseball, the game ends as soon as the outcome is certain. For example, if one team scores with both of their first shots and the other team is denied (does not score) on both of their first two shots, the game will end immediately because the outcome is certain, without the third shooters on either team getting a shot. If the shoot-out remains tied after the first three shooters on each team, the shoot-out enters a sudden-death format, with each round granting each team one more shooter.

Once the shoot-out is decided, the winning team is awarded a goal as part of their score. However, this goal does not count against the goaltender losing the shoot-out.

A shut-out shared between two goaltenders on the same team is credited to neither - the shut-out is only credited as a team shut-out. This happened in the NHL as recently as 1982-1983 when the Washington Capitals Al Jensen and Pat Riggin shared a shutout. In the 2006-2007 season, the Nashville Predators Tomas Vokoun and Chris Mason turned the trick on November 23, when Vokoun left the game with an injury. On December 5, Evgeni Nabokov and Nolan Schaefer achieved the rarity

In the exceptionally rare circumstance that a game ends in a regulation tie with a score of 0-0 (a double regulation shut-out), the shoot-out will result in the opposing goaltenders being awarded a shutout in a scoreless game decided in the shootout. This is true even if the winning goaltender allowed shoot-out goals. Such a case happened for the first time December 6, 2005 when the Calgary Flames and Philadelphia Flyers were scoreless through regulation and overtime. Mike Richards scored on Miikka Kiprusoff in the shoot-out, but both Kiprusoff and Philadelphia goaltender Antero Niittymäki were credited with shut-outs. Niittymäki did not allow a shoot-out goal. A second example occurred on November 28, 2006 when the Montreal Canadiens beat the Florida Panthers.Christobal Huet and Alex Auld recording the shutouts, with Auld taking the shootout loss. The third and latest instance occurred on March 27, 2007 when Calgary and the Minnesota Wild went into a shootout in a scoreless tie. This time Miikka Kiprusoff emerged victorious in the shootout with Minnesota's Niklas Backstrom the hard-luck loser.

Interestingly, a combination of the two scenarios is possible. In rare cases, teams send out their backup goaltender to face the shoot-out. Believing that rookie goaltender Mike Morrison 5-0 record in shoot-outs indicated he would be more effective than starter Ty Conklin, Edmonton Oilers coach Craig MacTavish sent Morrison in off the bench for Conklin on March 6, 2006 to face the Dallas Stars. However, the Stars scored on both attempts and the Oilers were blanked on both their attempts. Dallas won the game 4-3. However, this was not a shut-out game for Conklin, and Morrison was credited with the regulation tie despite not having played a minute in regulation time.

Only the NHL head office knows for certain whether the goaltender who achieved the shut-out in regulation would be officially awarded a shut-out if his team's back-up goaltender enters the game and wins the shoot-out.


Oddly, during the Boston - NY Rangers game, the official NHL recap shows that the backup goalie Stephen Valiquette played 13 seconds so by the rules Henrik should not have been credited with the shutout, it should have been a team shutout. However, I am not complaining, I'd much rather keep the shutout credited to Henrik for roto fantasy purposes!
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