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"Predators: Here Today, Here Tomorrow"
Bowling Green, KY • United States •

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The rollercoaster that is the sale of the Predators could easily be compared to the Energizer Bunny- it keeps going, and going, and going. Today, Craig Leipold announced that the negotiations with the Freeman-led group of local investors would continue for an unspecified period of time. What does this mean for Nashville? With a brutal road-stretch going on (starting ominously with a blow-out by the Flames), it means that there is a real chance that we could know what is going on by the time the Predators get back into Nashville.

The Predators fans who have turned on Craig Leipold may want to reconsider- after all, Leipold could easily keep the $10 million investment from the local group with no penalty and sell the team to Jim Balsillie for more money (and less hassle) than he is currently on pace to make right now. It is best for both Leipold and Nashville that their ten year partnership come to an end- however, we must not forget that Leipold has laid the groundwork for what still could be an excellent hockey town.
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