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With the recent reaction from the NHL to have the two feuding GM's cease and desist, I have come to ponder the real reason Kevin Lowe finally came out with a response to Brian Burke's one sided rants.

I am not here to say that either one of these GM's is accurate or correct in their assessments of each other as in business every decision is a risk. We hear the banter of fans back and forth as they compare which signings were good, and which one was bad. The fact remains that there is no GM in the NHL that has made good on 100% of the decisions made; there are always some bad ones in the mix.

I know over the past year there have been at least two requests from the Oilers organization to the NHL regarding Mr. Burke to have his comments towards Lowe and the Oilers addressed. When Kevin Lowe responded to Brian Burke he did his research, not only on Burke but on the rest of the NHL. Let's look at Mr. Bettman's focus as commissioner, his main goal is to sell the NHL to the American fan base and build a strong market place south of the Canadian Boarder. Now why have there been no Canadian teams to win the Stanley Cup since the 1992-93 season? Well one did remember Calgary? But let's face it there is a reason why that goal did not count right? Maybe be not but that makes up some good discussion points.

Look at one of Lowes comments:

"I remember Dean Lombardi last summer saying to me, 'you guys are (just) putting this on, and you are not really feeling this way. The NHL likes this stuff, they want to create a little angst in the media and stuff and get some headlines?'"

Then this comment makes sense:

"Where do I begin?" started Lowe. "He's a moron, first of all. Secondly, he really believes that any news for the NHL is good news.

And then:

Lastly, he's in a pathetic hockey market where they can't get on any page of the newspaper let alone the front page of the sports, so any of this stuff carries on."

I highly doubt that Kevin Lowe responded in the fashion that he did to directly respond to Burke's latest comments, but to also point out some of the behind the scenes activity within the NHL. All I am saying is that there is more to Kevin Lowe's recent response to Brian Burke and there are even better reasons as to why Bettman was quick to respond to Lowe's comments especially after 1-year of Burke shooting his mouth off.

I make these points out of pure curiosity and discussion, which are not intended to offend a specific organization, person, or fan base.
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July 10, 2008 11:03 AM ET | Delete
Lowe obviously is entitled to say whatever he wants about Burke, but he was out of line to attack the fan base in Anaheim and the Market. It is challenging to get media coverage for Hockey in California, think of all the sports markets we have here. I am a native Southern California resident, and have been hooked on hockey in general since 1993 when the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim were introduced to the league had it not been for Disneys stupid publicity stunt to promote their movie, I would have probably never become such a fan. Since 1993 I watch as much Hockey as I can, I participate in many Hockey fan boards, know a lot about hockey and did my research about the history of Hockey. Your being a conspiracy theorist in my opinion. Ottawa had just a good of a chance to win the cup last year, however they got blown out by a better team.
July 10, 2008 11:47 AM ET | Delete
As an Edmonton Oiler fan, I disagree with certain aspects of your blog. First of all, there is no conspiracy against Canadian teams from winning the cup. In 2004, Calgary Flames made it to game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals, and then as we know the Oilers did in 2006. Both Edmonton and Calgary had a really good shot at doing, just missed it by one game. You have to realize, the NHL is a business, a business needs profit to survive, so it is more practical to promote hockey in areas that aren't aware of it, to gain market share. Everyone in Canada and some parts of the USA, like Detroit, Minnesota, New York, are hockey hot spots, and don't require lots of promoting, compared to other areas like California or Florida. I do agree that Kevin Lowe was entitled to defend himself, although he should of left it to Burke only and not the people of Anaheim. With that said in my personal opinion he is a outstanding GM and I support him 100% here in Edmonton. Go Oilers!
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