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I'm not really sure where but...

I am a long time leaf fan and i am starting to lose my patience with this team.

To tell the truth here, there is not one Toronto maple leaf that i do not like or think is a bad player, but after watching this team fall apart over and over again, I'd say it's time for a change.....any change.

These are my "Untouchable" Players:
-Carlo--if he ever plays again

Who i woulnd't mind letting go (for a decent return):
-White--if we can get a D-man who actually plays Defence for him

Who i'd like to see in a leafs uniform (before they are in their final year)
-Witt--at almost any cost
-Raffi Torres
-Jim Vandermeer
-Danny Markov
-Hejduk--A winger worthy of Mats Sundin

There are many others of course... i really just want to see a shake up of some type..i just hope Paul Maurice dosen't get the Axe..he needs better players..
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