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30 Teams in 30 Sentances

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At the All-Star break, I have compiled remarks for all 30 NHL teams, each one being one sentance, and should sum each team up nicely.

Anaheim Ducks- A good solid team that has plenty of time to get it together, or to dismantle their establishment to rebuild for the future.

Atlanta Thrashers- They score a lot thanks to Illya Kovalchuk and Brian Little, but don't do much of anything else.

Boston Bruins- An out of nowhere superpower of a hockey team, with a looming question if playoff history will remain consistent.

Buffalo Sabres- Only time will tell if this is truly a good Sabres team, or if they're a mere "middle of the pack" squad once again.

Carolina Hurricanes- Having recovered from yet another seasonal injury plague, the Canes are showing everyone that they are very much a competitive team and have what it takes to get into the playoffs.

Calgary Flames- Any team with Jarome Iginla and Mikkia Kiprusoff on it is a good team, and these two are spearheading the Flames recent divisional surge that puts them in first in the Northwest by nine points.

Chicago Blackhawks- A new age has begun in Chicago, and it could only be a matter of time until the Hawks become the new elites of the Western Conference.

Colorado Avalanche- With Sakic out for some time, a .500 record, and 4 points out of 8th place, not much is going in the Av's favor.

Colombus Blue Jackets- Another team teaming with young talent, particularly the emergence of rookie goaltender Steve Mason, is one of many icons representing the Jacket's upside future for this season and many more to come.

Dallas Stars- With Avery gone, they have the parts to become a playoff team; it's all a matter of getting the team on that 8, 9 game winning streak.

Detroit Red Wings- Another season, another first place divisional lead, with some extreme competition for the conference this year.

Edmonton Oilers- Good things are finally happening in Edmonton, which has the potential to be another surprise team this year.

Florida Panthers- They are sure proving doubters wrong about their playoff chances, which can ultimately be affected by the fate of d-man Jay Bouwmeister.

Las Angeles Kings- They are a young team that has a set offense, but needs to build on their defense and goaltending, before they look at playoff possibilities.

Minnesota Wild- The one way I can describe Minnesota right now is like them being a person locked out of their car in a deserted parking lot in the middle of the night during a pouring rain storm in the middle of February.

Montreal Canadiens- An Eastern superpower on the rise that continues to play progressively and fails to dissapoint critics.

Nashville Predators- Nashville is in a situation, where they can either tear their team down and rebuild or make a trade for a player that can hopefully boost their lineup.

New Jersey Devils- The worst possible things happened to this team, and they have truly been one of the most surprising team stories of the season thus far.

New York Islanders- Despite their rock bottom record, they are a young team with some good veterans that have a great shot at the No. 1 overall pick this year.

New York Rangers- The true success of this team ultimately is determined by the performance of Henrik Lundvquist, and their offense, whenever it decides to step up.

Ottawa Senators- The Sens have defenitely seen better days, and despite their current stand, they have a lot of options to consider.

Philadelphia Flyers- The Flyers have become a conference powerhouse, and a potential cup contender, with Jeff Carter leading the team and league in goals, only to get more dangerous wen/if Danny Briere returns from the IR.

Phoenix Coyotes- This team defenitely is currently one of the biggest surprises in the league as they hold 5th place in the Western Conference and are second in their division.

Pittsburgh Penguins- It could only be a matter of time before the sleeping giant emerges, and the Pens soar up in the standings of their division and conference, likely around playoff time.

San Jose Sharks- Everything seems to be in full swing for the Sharks and everyone seems to be giving a 110% effort, but like the Bruins, the question stands if playoff history will repeat itself.

St. Louis Blues- Losing Johnson for the season is never a good thing, but the Blues are a good, fast, young team that has the potential to have a bright future ahead of them.

Tampa Bay Lightning- After countless changes over the past summer, nothing seems to be going well in Tampa as they continue to sink in the standings, and look like the Tampa teams of the late 90s and early 00s.

Toronto Maple Leafs- Toronto remains suspended in the standings, but out of playoff contention, with the option of trading away key essentials to get a shot at that No. 1 pick.

Vancouver Canucks- Mats has had an impact on the Canucks, but not the kind they were hoping for.

Washington Capitals- The years of suffering and losing seem to be long gone as this year marks the first of possibly many more successful winning seasons.
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January 27, 2009 11:07 AM ET | Delete
Toronto Maple Leafs = "Consistently Inconsistent"
January 27, 2009 12:03 PM ET | Delete
I dont quite agree with what you dont have about the flames
January 27, 2009 12:41 PM ET | Delete
January 27, 2009 12:57 PM ET | Delete
all is right with the world now....lol
January 27, 2009 1:18 PM ET | Delete
We're one step closer to world peace now
January 27, 2009 2:13 PM ET | Delete
hey flames guys i really hope what we are reading about you being interested in Gerber is false. Good luck Calgary... Another great article Amerk, thank you
January 27, 2009 5:39 PM ET | Delete
thanks bro
January 27, 2009 6:13 PM ET | Delete
Heard on the radio that Gerber was assigned to Birminghamton (sp?)
January 27, 2009 6:21 PM ET | Delete
Good read
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