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Panthers after 24 games.

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23 points in 24. Some disapointing free agents. A very slow start and of course as usual a boat load of injuries. But this year it dosent seem so bad.
We finally lost the players that were hurting us ( Van Ryn, Mclean ). I wish Murphy would be back soon , hes been a pleasant surprise this season on the pp.
The Cats finally got out of their November curse. 6-5-1 so far is better that the 2 previous season combined. They are playing with confidence and our minor players coming in to fill some spots are contributing better than most people were expecting. Weiss, Booth and Jokinen are riding a pretty hot streak right now and are the reason , with the possesed play of Tomas Vokoun of course, why we have won 4 out of our last five. Vokoun has been obviously the best aquisition this summer. He's a work horse and a great leader in the locker room.Since he started to call out the team and their lack of intensity the team on the ice does not look the same. In colombus , Peltonen gets hit pretty hard and right away you see Campbell coming in and defending his teamate. Its been a while since ive seen this kinda heart in Florida. The cats need to keep that intensity going. The next game against the Capitals will be a tough one. The caps changed coach and are ready to gain some ground in the division. God knows they have the talent. The Panthers are gonna have to work extra hard to bring 2 points back to Sunrise. Hopefully this 3 game winnig streak did not go straight to their head.
Good Luck Cats..!!!
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November 28, 2007 6:43 PM ET | Delete
Vokoun is a great goalie and is missed here in Nashville. He'll drive you crazy with his aggressive play sometimes and get burned but he can also stand on his head and be a downright stud!
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