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Gerber!!! Gerber!!! Gerber!! Well, here we go again! Sens fans, like myself, are jumping back on the Martin Gerber bandwagon. Just last week, he was the ire of most fans. Uh, oh!! Gerber can't stop anything!! Now, he's our guy again. I truly believe that he is, technically, a better goaltender than Rayzor, however, he still loses the puck far too often. Whether he's shutting out the Canes, or stealing a game from the Pens, too often, he seems to lose track of where the puck is, thus leading to many of the weak goals he allows. Luckily he has great positioning, because alot of the pucks just hit him, when he has lost the play!

Well, Gerber is now(again) our number one goalie!! Stepping in for Ray and doing the job. Rayzor seems to want to give this job to Gerber. We still don't have any indication of whats wrong with him. The smile on his face during the game against the Canes shows us that it likely isn't all that bad.

So, for now Gerber is "the man" again, so let the Ray Emery bashing commence one more time, until he saves Martin Gerber, and the teams butt once again when the team struggles.
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December 14, 2007 11:21 PM ET | Delete
I'm not one of these fans you've described. I'm a firm believer that Emery is the man. He's injured. That's why he's not playing, did you miss something over the past few days? Gerber seems to only play well when he is not pressured by his back up. I;m sure that as soon as Ray is ready to play, Gerber's play will fade and eventually disapear (again). I admire Gerber for his skills (which are superior to Emery's at this stage in their careers) btu he does not posses the mental make-up to lead a team to the cup. His play has driven up his value beyond anything Sens fans could have imagined before this season; therefore, I would really love for Murray to get something in return for him while he is still worthh something. If we let him continue to play and he falters (again) then we risk his value plumeting to where it was 4 months ago.
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