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"The Doctor Is In"
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Heading into tonight's game against the Blackhawks, the Sharks have put in a string of poor efforts. On a homestand that is very important in the middle of the season, the Sharks shave stubmled out of the gates. Hopefully tonight they can put it all together tonight and put in a good 60 minute effort. There have been many things missing from the Sharks' game so far on this homestand, and here's a few that they need to hammer into their heads not only for right now, but also for the stretch run and into the playoffs:

ef-fort - [ef-ert]
noun - exertion of physical or mental power: It will take great effort to achieve victory.

Effort is something that has come and gone for the Sharks. It's there sometimes, and mysteriously disappears the next. One minute everyone is moving their feet and banging bodies, the next they are coasting and pulling up on their checks. I've seen better effort from a depressed teenager than the Sharks at points this season.

pas-sion - [pash-uhn]
noun - any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate.
a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything: a passion for music.

Passion, something that only a few players (Roenick, Thornton, Rivet) have showed on a consistent basis so far this year. Some guys out there just look like they don't care, others look like they are just there to put in their 15-18 minutes, cash in a nice fat paycheck, and go home for dinner with the wife. Welcome to the NHL kid.

re-lent-less - [ri-lent-lis]
adjective - does not relent; unyieldingly severe, strict, or harsh; unrelenting: a relentless enemy.

Relentless, something that (for most players) has only appeared now and again. Relentless on the forecheck, relentless on offense, relentless on the PK, relentless on the PP. They need to play with a chip on their shoulder, like they have something to prove because they do. They have been called playoff chokers, underperformers, immature. Even though they have high expectations, they still have a lot to prove.

Three words that need to be in the Sharks' vocabulary. Three words that need to be blown up, printed out and hung on the walls in the Sharks locker room. Three words that I scream on a nightly basis at my TV as I watch these Sharks games. Three words that have been missing in the Sharks game all season long.


Over the weekend, the Sharks placed Curtis Brown on the IR with a hand injury and recalled Tomas Plihal from Worcester (5G 6A +4 20GP). Personally, I don't see why he was recalled, since the Sharks had an extra forward (Goc) scratched against Detroit.

I was lucky enough to come across a free ticket to the game tonight against the Blackhawks, so i'll be looking forward to watching another lackluster effort in person tonight at the Tank.
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January 22, 2008 5:29 PM ET | Delete
thumbing through the dictionary i can't seem to locate the word "stubmled" ... just poking a lil fun. I totally agree with you. so frustrating to see them come out with lack of intenstity, no desire to win or want to be there. Only a few players seem to show up night after night. You hit it right on I want to see a full 60 minute game from them with a 3 points going, seems like forever since one has occurred. Even the games we have won, towards the end we coasted, and a few of those coasting periods nipped us in the arse. Nice read have fun at the Tank.
January 22, 2008 5:31 PM ET | Delete
I didn't bother using spell check before I posted this, probably should have :)
January 22, 2008 5:34 PM ET | Delete
WIN [wihn] verbWhat the Sabres don't do.
January 22, 2008 8:17 PM ET | Delete
jo-ke - [joe-ka] 1. a statement or expression that is cosidered funny; 2. See Toronto Maple Leafs
January 23, 2008 1:30 PM ET | Delete
You can put Mitchell on your list of passionate players. I know he is a rookie, but I see Captain in his future.
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