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"Eklund is a Poser"
Toronto, ON • Canada • 76 Years Old • Male
Anyone else think that the NHL, Executives, Players, and Agents alike use him to deflect the real goings-on in the NHL?

I think so.

His blogs are as reliable as a Ford Pinto, or less reliable. It's like bizarro blogging. Whatever he writes, just believe the opposite and it would stand a much better chance of becoming true.

Sundin going to Montreal or Toronto? well according to him, he's all but signed with Montreal, which really means that he's closer to re-signing with Toronto.

Basically, Eklund is simply a smoke screen while the real events are shaping up elsewhere. In return, he gets freebies to attend a few select games and fan the sails of franchises in peril or any other that requires a jobber for the sake of publicity.

Anatomy of an Eklund Report

In my drawer I keep my Leafs Sundin home jersey (white) and I also have a blue and red t-shirt in the same drawer. Long story short, my cat pulled all three items out of the bottom drawer to sleep. Well, what do you know a red t-shirt and blue t-shirt landed on the floor on top of the white jersey!

My goodness!

Sundin is going to Montreal! Bleu Blanc et Rouge all encasing the #13 on the floor.

Surely that must mean something or worth $20. Someone has to pay for that iPhone 3G and Coldplay tickets, and it sure isn't Richardlund.

What a FRAUD
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