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Blues turn the screw

Posted 1:50 PM ET | Comments 0
Damn - I wish I could have watched the Blues savage the Blue Jackets 6-1 last night.

Living the UK though, a number of the Blues games don't actually start until 1.30am and I cannot justify staying up for the whole game. Shame. NASN is the satellite channel in the UK that shows a lot of hockey - unfortunately we've only had one Blues game. Which one did they pick? The 5-0 drubbing at the hands of the Red Wings. My dvd of that was never watched!

Anyway, great to see McDonald settling in - I'm probably going to put him in my fantasy hockey team. I'm wavering about whether to get rid of Kariya though - he's just not getting me the points. My goalie is Giguere - but again, I'm toying with Legace.

I can't have a team full of Blues though...can I??
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