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Reports for next years Winter Classic are saying that Boston and New York are so far the front runners. If it happens in New York at Yankee Stadium, there arises a problem. The Rangers, Devils, and Islanders all want to play a winter classic game. But which team would be left out in the snow if this happens in the NY area?

Obviously some will argue this is makes common sense since its two NY teams, one of the biggest rivalries, and the fact that it is a big hockey market. Long Island does love the Islanders, and ratings for them have increased over 300% (from a post i saw BD post earlier) So why not have this? Both sides really want to.

This is the other big rivalry game, and I guarantee a fight in this one. Both teams hate each other. There is a great youth on the Devils that people would see and hopefully so they understand its not the old Devils (though they were great as well). Also, I believe, imo, the Devils are bigger then the Islanders in the league's view and they'd rather have them play. (it is sad and you have my sympathy Isles Fans that the league doesn't give you enough respect. YOU WERE CHEATED AGAINST BUFFALO! THERE WAS A CONSPIRACY!)

Though Ranger fans would cry so much about this, this would be an interesting match up outdoors. This rivalry always brings out the best of both teams and the smaller players play very well. It is still a division rivalry so it would still have just as much intensity as the Rags/Isles match-up.

This is still a possibility, most likely an original 6 team like Boston to attract Sox and Yanks fans, but I would rather see the metro teams kill each other instead.

Obviously we will not know until the summer who will play the next one, but NY is a key option, and the city, yankees, and NHL are in agreement it would benefit everyone from this, especially the league. Let's hope it works out in the end and who ever is chosen to play will make it just as good or better then this year.
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