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Big night or Big bust?!

Posted 2:17 PM ET | Comments 0
Happy Friday!

As anticipation grows with the looming draft tonight, like most Leafs fans, I'm hopeful that big Burke can live up to his reputation and pull the trigger on a trade that will shed the limelight on the city that eats, sleeps and lives the Leafs!

In wandering my way through the many credible tweeters today, it doesn't appear there is much life to many rumors surrounding the leafs. That said, I can't imagine double B was any pleased on missing out of the headlines yesterday evening; whether you think he made the right decision or not (assuming reports of Kadri/Kulemin for Carter or Richards have legs), this team needs a bonifide 1st line center, and they need it quickly. I'm sure you've heard the rumoured asking price/term Brad Richards will demand on July 1st, with that out of the bag it might be more palatable to fill this gap via the trade route.

And if there's something that the entire hockey world can agree on, it's the fact that Brian Burke is always a willing trading partner. I'm sure you've heard them all; Peter Stasny, Eric Staal, Stephen Weiss, Steven Stamkos,etc. (I am not unrealistic...these are mostly considered pipedreams at best!). But hey, did you wake up yesterday morning and think Jeff Carter and Mike Richards would've been shown the door in Philly.

So; I'll leave it to you....who do you think is the best "dance" partner for the Leafs. What assets do we have, that these other teams want....let me see your best deal! Do the Leafs have what it takes to acquire what they so desperately need...only time will tell. But in the meantime, let's have some fun with this!!!

Best trade scenario wins nothing...I will announce who I consider the winner probably never...enjoy the draft with a draft my friends...
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