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Hossa? No way No how

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I dont see any possible way the Red Wings can retain Hossa without loosing significant assets in the form of Hudler, Fillpula & Stuart and only have 20 names on the roster every night. I am one of these long time Wings Fans that is ready for significant change.

I would like to see Draper and Holmstrom traded, as well as Maltby waived (cause no one would pay for him) and I dont want them to re-sign Kopecky, Samuelson (as well as Hossa).

Will anything like this happen? Nope, probably not, seeing as Ken Holland likes to reward those whom stay with organization for a decade + by letting them play until they die.

The following is the lineup I believe Detroit will ice starting the 2009-10 season.


Datsyuk (6.7)
Zetterberg (6.083)
Franzen (3.955)
Filppula (3)
Cleary (2.8)
Holmstrom (2.25)
Hudler (1.75)
Draper (1.583)
Maltby (.883)
Abdelkader (.85)
Leino (.7)
Helm (.598)

Meech (.483)


Lidstrom (7.45)
Rafalski (6)
Stuart (3.75)
Kronwall (3)
Lilja (1.2)
Ericcson (.9)

Lebda (.65)


Osgood (1.417)
Howard (.717)

Total Cap: 56.769 mil

Remaining Space: .03 mil

That's it only 2 relatively small RFA signings.
This is cutting it very close with very little wiggle room and only 2 availble spares.

My opinion, I dont think it looks to good for the Wings this year, especially the fact that there may be 4 rather immature players in Helm, Abdelkader, Leino & Ericcson. Not to mention there back up to be Jimmy Howard has played 9 career NHL games with only 1 win and that was in 05'06. Saying that I expect Franzen, Filppula and Hudler to gain more confidence and play a bigger role next year, taking some of the weight off of Zetterberg and Datsyuk

Some will disagree that Hudler and Leino may be worth more, and I agree. But I think Holland can work his magic for a short term contract on Hudler and convince Leino he needs more size and better puck handling skills before he can get a decent contract.
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