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A "Wild" prediction

Posted 4:56 PM ET | Comments 1
The new champions are going to be the Minnesota Wild.

There's a reason the Wild is the most underrated team in the playoffs. Gaborik got injured. Have you seen their records with Gaborik in the lineup? They simply don't lose.

They also have the best defensive minded coach in the NHL, if not the best coach period. Any goalie that plays for them just... makes the saves. Noticed that? Roloson, Fernandez, Backstrom. It doesn't matter who's between the posts, he'll make the saves because he's got a well trained army in front of him.

The Wild will beat the Ducks, who are pretty much every expert's favorite in the West. They will shock everyone by winning the Stanley Cup. But I won't be shocked. I'm expecting them to win.

They are the best defensive team in the league (2nd best PK, lowest goals against). Their offense suffers without Gaborik, but when he plays, everyone gets better. Especially Demitra. These guys have it all, as long as Gaborik is healthy.

Plus, they never lose at home. Shame they won't have home advantage, it'd be a walk in the park for the Wild.
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April 11, 2007 5:40 PM ET | Delete
I hope you're right ;). I think the Wild with Gaborik are a great team, but they've struggled in a few games this year. They will need to work very hard to get by those two excellent defensemen. I'm really hoping that Rolston will be a playoff stud, we haven't got to see him in the playoffs yet. My biggest hope though is with Brent Burns. This is his first playoffs and he has been playing very well lately, I hope he can continue that against Anaheim, we'll need his defense to stop five 25 goal scorers.
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