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My analysis of the Kolzig dilemma.

I would like to preface this by saying that I realize that he is very loyal to the organization and deserves respect for that. No one can argue that he wasn't a great goalie. He was. I also realize that many fans are attached to him, much like many fans are still attached to Bondra.

However, there comes a time when it is apparent that an athlete cannot perform as they once did. This is certainly the case with Kolzig. I read the Caps message boards and I am in constant amazement that people still stick up for his play. These people make excuses upon excuses. They blame the defense, they blame the lack of backchecking by the forwards. Sure, these might contribute. No one in their right mind would confuse the Caps defense with Anaheim's. That being said, the Cap's D isn't atrocious. Most games, the Caps outshoot and outchance their opponents.

At it stands now, the Caps have to score at 4 four goals a game when Kolzig is in the net to have a chance at winning. This is just not realistic or fair to the team. Many people remarks that Kolzig has been making enough saves to win lately, and that is what is important. Well, what happens when the team has an off night, such as last night? Are we to except that our goalie is just unable to win a game on his own sometimes, or at least, not giving up a really soft goal with 30 seconds left to lose the game?

Kolzig went to the media recently, and complained about being pulled and how BB doesn't understand the position. BB does understand something though; results. He doesn't have to understand the goalie position thoroughly to know that a .885 Save percentage and a 3.10 GAA is just not good enough. He doesn't have to master the intricacies of netminding to see that Kolzig doesn't have the quickness and lateral movement that he once had. It is readily apparent to any objective observer.

I think it is high time for Olie to sit down and really be honest about his ability to play the game at a high enough level. I do not think it is fair to the organization or the other players to continue to play him to risk bruising his ego or to reward his loyalty. The point of hockey is to win, not to lose in order to prevent hurting someone's feelings, even if that person has been loyal in the past. If he were really loyal to the franchise, he would accept that it is time for him to step down and allow the team a better chance to win.
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January 24, 2008 11:54 AM ET | Delete
Nice piece!I have yet to abandon hope for Olie, but I do understand your point and your position. Decision time is slowly approaching for the Caps goaltending and with the youth movement in full swing on offense and on defense, it will not be long before the Capitals transition to youth in their net.Management's goal is to have Olie get them into the playoffs this year, but I would not be surprised to see a move that would bring in another young goalie. Great work and Go Caps!!!!!
January 24, 2008 12:08 PM ET | Delete
As a Senators fan, I was hoping Murray would trade Gerber for Kolzig, one-for-one, but It's looking less and less likely.
January 24, 2008 4:53 PM ET | Delete
Great blog man.I agree 100% with you. Last night was a prime example(if Monday wasn't proof enough). The 2 worst defensive breakdowns of the game, maybe our only 2... Toronto capitalizes. Pittsburgh 15 shots=5 goals. We played an almost perfect game, but our ONLY breakdowns, Pitt scores. Im not saying we need Luongo to win. We need a goalie that can bail us out OCCASIONALLY. BJ is the best goalie on this roster and will give us the best chance to win night out.Olie has the worst Save % in the league. I think the only reason there haven't been huge boo-birds or public crucifixion of Olie is because of everything he's done for the Caps--- In any other city, he would be run out of town...and I think the situation is on thin ice--Olie sucks at another home game--he will hear it. You can already hear small rumblings..
January 24, 2008 5:00 PM ET | Delete
absolutely, 100% dead accurate assessment.
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