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Delanco, NJ • United States • 28 Years Old • Male
Last night was a hoot for me.It was my first Stars game in 2 years.I took in all the stares,comments,and bad goals for my team.I knew it wasn't going to be pretty,and to say I survived is an understatement.Two whole days after the football games had ended,I looked forward to this death wish.

I had a sinking suspicion the good guys weren't going to win,with the said football hangover,lack of any winning on the road,and a team with no ambition,I accepted my fate...with joy.

It was a good game in the first period, with the Stars getting the chances later on in the frame.The second was the downfall....

Whilst in the team shop with a new-to-hockey cousin,I missed the two key plays of the game...

1.James Neal leading off the second with the tying goal and some momentum.
2. 1:36 later Powe completely ended the game with another goal.

After Powe's goal the stars went into a shell.They didn't skate,shoot, or pass,literally.Plenty of miss PP chances went by the wayside without substantial pressure,and all the "shots" were well contested and the majority didn't make it to Leighton.
Turco reverted to a deer in the headlights after one period.It seemed like he has no composure whatsoever.I hope he is gone within a few weeks..I have officially given up on him,the team cannot win with him.

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January 18, 2010 4:14 PM ET | Delete
My guess is that Josh Lile is too embarrassed to care about this team right now. . . I know I am. . . This is getting ridiculous.
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