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Trade Deadline Anxiety?

Posted 2:12 PM ET | Comments 0
Are you like me, are you constantly checking every and any possible website for possible trade rumors. Are you watching countless hours of sports news hoping to hear it first. To hear that Sundin has waved his no trade clause, or that Tanguay will sadly be shipped away?

With all of these expectations, I'm actually expecting to have a dull and dreary trade deadline. What's to say general managers this year stay away from it completely, especially considering the bust in rental players this time last year.

It's like wanting something so bad for Christmas and checking for price changes everyday and when it may be on sale and who may actually get it for you sending out hint after hint, only to be let down with a typical bad sweater.

With so many rumors and speculations poping up about who is intersedted in whom and where footsberg may end up, I'm frankly worried about a lack luster and disappointing trade deadline. I find it hard to believe that with all divisional races and playoff races as tight as they are, teams will be less willing to make such drastic trades.

Let me know what you think, here's hoping the general managers do not disappoint and we all have reasons to continue blogging for the next few weeks. It is make or break time, we either have lots to talk about or we have to find something else to pass the time as the trade deadline passes without anything..........

Have a great day. Chris
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