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thinking out loud...

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Okay guys... so tonight (early morning actually) I've decided to write my first ever blog on the hockeybuzz website. I've only officially been a member here for a couple of days but I have been an avid reader for quite a while now. Also, I'm not really much of a writer so if my punctuation, spelling, or anything to that nature is off, I do apologize. That being said, here goes:

As a reader of alot of sports message boards over the years, I've came across some crazy things. In regards to Preds and hockey in the South, I've probably heard it all. While that part of it never seizes to amaze me, I do find the number of rants, bitterness, and trash talk regarding Bettman quite astonishing. It seems every other day, I hear somebody make a comment like, "He's killing the NHL!". Even when the Reebok Edge jerseys came out this year, I heard people slamming him for that and how he's messing with tradition. Now granted, I've had a couple of issues with the NHL schedules and no national TV for the small teams like the Preds, but thats been about it. At the same time though, I also understand for a sport that is trying to get more games on TV, you want the big markets filling up those spaces.

Anyway, (moving on now) recently on one of the sports boards I frequent, I came across one crazy blog. What started out as a simple blog by its author, turned into one of the most annoying ones I've ever read. I honestly can't remember what started it, but it quickly turned into a "Bettman this, Bettman that" blog. After that, the stupid ones came out big time! People began to just post stupid stuff that had absolutely no fact base or anything. As I scrolled down to humor myself even more though, one guy's comment just blew my mind.

The NHL really needs to look at contraction and relocation. Having 24 or 26 viable teams is much better for the league. It puts 80+ players back into the AHL, increasing competition and player development, and strengthens the product in the big league.

I can tell you guys, after reading this one, I was a loss for words. Was this guy serious? I mean just look at the Eastern Conference standings. As of a couple of days ago, the #15 team was only 17 points behind the #1 team with an average of 20 games left to play. How much more competition do you need?!?! Also, I wish I knew what the guy meant regarding the player development part. I can think of an absolute ton of young guys right now that are just just tearing up the league. I don't know, I guess my definition of "Big League" is just completely different.

Well... last but not least, I go back to the Bettman deal for a sec. I really wish people would stop slamming the guy. I know he may not be the best commish ever, but the job he's done isn't all that bad. Like him or not, the game is alot more exciting now, fan attendance is on the rise, and things are looking better day in and day out for the NHL.
With great young players like Ovy, Crosby, Getzlaff, Kopitar, Malkin, Kane, Towes, etc., the future is in great hands as well.

Alright, thats it guys. There's my two cents!
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