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I was just watching the TSN panel talk about Burke's moves for next season and one of the guys (Mr. Hockey Insider) was talking about the confirmed and approved trades Fletch got last year but was blocked by NTCs. It was a terrible reminder of how futile Fletch's trade deadline push was. For of you who don't remember or never heard about it:

Sundin <-------------------> Higgins, Grabovski &#038; 1st Rounder
Kaberlie <------------------> Jeff Carter &#038; 1st Rounder

Sundin ofcourse refused to leave the team, professing an undieing loyalty to Toronto, and condemned the idea of joining a team half way through the season. He then left the team d**ked around for half a season and is now looking to join a team that is not Toronto. Mats- I know it was your right to choose and all, but if you end up in Montreal this season expect more boos that cheers when you visit the ACC.

Kaberlie... well we'll just see how he ends up. I doubt Burke keeps him, but we're not getting a blue chipper like Carter and a 1st for him anymore.

So the reason I'm bringing it up is because I'm pretty sure that Burke is going to try to get some similar deals going in 2009 (I know what you're thinking, and yes... I am a genius to have thought of that). I've been going over the Leaf's assets in my head and as I see it, the top tradable players this Trade Deadline and Offseason are:

1. Toskola (thanks to him finding his brilliance again)
2. Kaberlie (off season most probably due to NTC)
3. Antropov (Big Nik is destined to be a star power forward, but not in TO)

So those are the obvious ones. They could all be flipped for a 1st, but I think Toskola is the only one who can bring back a top prospect as well, and even that will require the entire 100 man front office staff that Burke is running.

I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas for other players who could get solid returns? Also, any players that are under the radar that the leafs should persue?
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December 19, 2008 6:03 PM ET | Delete
I think we should really go after an up-and-coming goalie prospect, to play it out with Pogge...so something like Harding and a 1st, Pavelec and a pick(if Lehtonen IS their starter)...for Kaberle...I wouldn't be surprised if Burke pushed for B.Ryan, he's actually EXACTLY the type of player this team needs. I can't wait to see what Burke is gonna do. I wonder if Nashville would do a Kaberle for Suter and a pick trade...I mean Suter has kinda been hidden under Weber's spotlight...if we traded for a nhl ready goalie prospect we could move Toskala...
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