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No End in Site

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Fellow Leaf fans, it appears as though the Leafs are no closer to winning a cup today, then they were in the days of Harold Ballard. Oh woe is me, 41 years and counting. Look's like I'm going to have to start eating right, exercising, and taking my vitamins if I stand a snowballs chance of seeing the Leafs hoist Lord Stanley.

The worst part of this whole debacle is not only are the Leafs devoid of any real talent but they are also being held hostage by the big 5 no trade clauses. With a hard cap in place it's difficult to imagine the fortunes of this team changing anytime soon. <a href="http://www.torontohockey.net">Toronto Hockey</a> fans have long endured many long and hapless seasons.

The outlook is so bleak that upper management can't even find a suitable GM to right the ship. Yes there is Cliff Fletcher, a capable hockey man in his day, but wasn't he already here once? Didn't Fletcher already fail to get the job done? Worse this time around Fletcher is only the interim GM and was ready to retire 5 years ago.

Seems like the only solution might be to put a hand grenade in it and blow it up. Sad but true NHL expansion franchises have more hope then the once proud Blue and White. If this seems a bit depressing, welcome to the world of being a Maple Leaf Fan.
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