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There's the question.. Will the Leafs pick in 2011 be a lottery pick. If so Bruin Fans can thank Mr Burke for single handedly pushing the bears over the top into contention.. 2 top 5 picks in 2 years? WOW.. Thats penguin material, Cap material... Oiler traveled ground... In my time on this earth I cant think of a more helpless time for Leaf Nation. Where would we be if the "talked to death' trade for kessel never happened? We want to win, The players, apparently want to win... how to win is the problem. How do you win when you can't score? Chances dont count on the big board unfortunately.. this team has NO finish! Kessel is the only player on the team that is EXPECTED to score at a regular pace. Rumblings of a 40 goal year were heard when the buds jumped out to a 4-0 start.. However.. What have you done for me lately? Kessel hasn't really been terrible but it sure makes life hard on him when the opposition knows you are the guy to shut down to increase their chances of winning by 10 fold! Watch some tape, Kessel enters the offensive zone with 3 to 4 guys draped on him most rushes. Getting Armstrong and Dion back will certainly help with the leadership of this young squad but neither of them are challenging for the Rocket Richard trophy.. Hell Dion is lucky if he can even hit the net from the Blueline.

I'm interested to know what you all think the boys in blue need to do to right the ship.. Fire Wilson? Trade... for who? Cogliano, Simmonds out of LA... is Wheeler the answer? Not straight up for Kaberle.. perhaps if Savard comes back at 100% maybe theres a package there that could bring Savard AND Wheeler to the buds.. but for who? Kaberle would certainly be part of the deal. Who else do you send though?

Lets chime in!! What would YOU do?
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The way the Leafs are playing..no confidence...this keeps up; Boston will have the Number one selection!! no Doubt
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burke has eliminated the possibility of building through the draft... the only way left is trades, and the sooner the beeter because the longer he waits, the more chance we give up a lottery pick... trade for savard... trade for any offfensively gifted forward that can help get us out of this slump. Trade our only piece that is worth anything.. our defence
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believe me blake wheeler by himself for kaberle would be a huge steal for the leafs. Is it just me or do the maple leaf fans not see just how soft and defensively unreliable this guy is? theirs a reason you guys havent made the playoffs since the lockout
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Dont think Burke will be able to trade his way out of this. There is some cap room available, but not a lot. He may have to do the opposite of what he's done up until now, stay patient.
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