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"I Hate Black and Dark Colored Sweaters!"
United States, MO • United States •
Please help me get it through the NHL's head that all the Black, dark Blue and other dark colors look black on the high contrast white surface. The games are visually dull and impossible for the average fan to quickly identify the teams. I suggest going back to the 60's and 70's style. The worst are TAMPA, DALLAS, ANAHEIM, PITTSBURGH, VANCOUVER and any team that has a BLACK "3rd" Jersey. (Philadelphia and Chicago!) or Black pants. Save the "cool" dark jerseys for the gift shop and Lighten up your visually dull game!! I know this would help ratings, I just can't prove it! Take your hockey cards and lay the Home jersey of all the teams out. It will become obvious that too many teams look alike. Ths Stars and Ducks series may as well be broadcast in lovely black and white. I can't count how many times I turned to Versus and saw a Black team playing a Red and White team!! It could have been any number of teams playing each other. And think of the "outdoor" game and The Penguin's uniforms... How cool was that??
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