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Preds and MusicCityMadness

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I just returned from the Sommet Center viewer night. An unexpected crowd of over 2000 viewed the game and evidently swamped the concession areas prompting a 30 minute "timeout" so they could reload.

I'm sure the new ownership group was impressed and encouraged by this turn out as this seasons road to this point has been full of hills and valleys. I would love for the Preds fans to experience a round 2 and beyond to experience just how a city can be overtaken with the excitement and stress of a drive to the cup. I grew up a Ranger fan and have experienced the highest of highs in 94 and many many lows over the years. Those experiences are what bonds you together as fans. There has been some great bonding this year due to the adversity of the sale and how the team was almost lost. It would be great for the team to actually pay off the fans with an unlikely first round victory.

That being said, whatever happens from here on out will leave me with a much better feeling about this team than the last few years where they underachieved and didn't put out the effort necessary to compete. I am disappointed that Legwand and Arnott did not go tonight. I don't think you would ever hear about Mark Messier missing a playoff game due to flu symptoms. He would have strapped an IV on and went for it. Once he was scratched I can't understand how Legwand didn't at least try and go. A half a game from him would have been better than what they got out of a late afternoon callup.

The rest of the team put up an effort strong enough to almost steal the game. Dan Ellis played the game of his life and if he continues like this anything is possible for six and seven. Many a team have made long runs in the playoffs on the backs of their hot goalie.

I'll see you on Sunday. I'll be bringing my two daughters and their fang fingers and towels, and sticks and jackets and whatever other stuff we can bring!!
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