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How many Sharks fans love to come on to this great website and get the extra tidbits that the Mercury just doesn't provide? This is mainly what brings me here. Along with the rumors or other news around the NHL that is hard to get anywhere else.

What I run into however is very different... I find myself reading articles that eat at my insides because they tear apart the moves and decisions I see my great team making and write them off as failures before we actually watch any of these actions in progress. Now I'm not talking about the whole website, far from it, I am talking about the Blogs written by Ryan Garner. Now I'm not attacking the man because I don't know him, but his articles are decisively negative towards almost everything. A great example of this is his lastest post "Ryan Garner: Can't Approve of Those Defensive Moves." After you read that one Sharksthen go and read "Mark Freitas: Doug Wilson Does It Again". These two article cover pretty much the same topic but Ryan's post is so negative that you can't think of anything else except why does he choose to cover a team that he hates? Mark's post does exactly what many of us come here for. A summary of what's just happend and a little insight into what these will do to our team.

Now I am not asking for a person that just ignores bad moves or never has a bad thing to say. A little critisim and accountability is great and neccessary. But he is just too much of a bad thing.

I know I am not the only person that has these feelings after reading Ryan Garners blog. Shark Fans Unite! Get Ryan Garner out of the middle column! We have two other great bloggers on this website in Danielle Marchell and Mark Freitas. Support them and get them moved into Ryans vacant space on the middle column.
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