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I've been so busy since the season started that I've not had time to write lately. But now its time for my completely maniacal thoughts on the game we all know and love: HOCKEY!!! Specifically Coyotes hockey. Let me start with the two pieces of news we got recently.
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* *Lisin to the AHL*: I like Enver. I enjoy watching him play. We had plans for a "City of Enver" poster this season. So I am a little sad to see him go. He played well in the preseason and has scored one goal so far during the regular season. Perhaps he is needed more now down in San Antonio. Take one for the team Lisin, we'll miss you. But I'm sure you'll be back soon...
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* *New Guy: Ken Klee*: [scratches head] alright... I'll trust you on this one Maloney, simply because I do not know that much about him. My hockey friends say he is a good man to help out in the playoffs and one you definitely want on your team. For now I'll reserve judgement...
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Now on to the action:
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* *Coyotes vs Flames*: um.... OUCH! That was a painful game to sit and watch from the stands. The tone for the game was set when the Flames had their first goal. It was a power play goal credited to Bertuzzi (the puck hit his skate) that bounced off Tellqvist's skate then found our net courtesy of a bounce off of Michalek's stick. But these kinda things happen right? You have good nights and you have bad nights. We've had some glorious victories at home so far this season. I'd just like to know when the contract expires with the Flames; the one we've signed agreeing to be their beeshes!
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* *Tonight: Coyotes vs Penguins*: Sweet, 8 pound 6 ounce infant baby Jesus; please don't make me sit through another game like the one we played against the Flames Saturday night. I just can't take it. The Great One has again been "tweeking" the lines. Fedoruk has earned himself a spot on the top line. Seeing that he was one of only 3 players I consider to have shown up for the game last Saturday night, I think he deserves it. (the other two were Tellqvist and Yandle, in case you were interested)

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***Fan Girl Moment (but not the normal kind):
I watched the Minnesota Wild vs Chicago Blackhawks game the other night. I am not particularly interested in either team so my mind rambled a bit during the game. I've decided that the Wild have the worst jerseys in the NHL. They look like little Christmas Elves out on the ice. They should put bells on their skates and the tippy tops of their wittle helmets. Their goalie should wear a Santa costume... and their goal horn should be the Hallelujah Chorus with green and red lights. Brilliant. :D
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