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There are un-confirmed rumours amongst Montrealer's that soon to be un- restricted free agent Mats Sundin has manifested some interest in the Montreal Canadiens. If this is true, what will it take to sign him?

At the trade deadline last February, Bob Gainey ( general manager of the Habs ) tried to acquire Mats Sundin from the Toronto Maple Leafs, but Sundin refused to waive his no trade clause. Now that the season is over for both the Habs, and the Leafs, is Sundin thinking of finishing his career in Montreal?

Sundin still has two years left in him. The Canadiens have their centennial celebration slated for the next NHL season of 2008-2009. This would be another warrior veteran that Montreal could use. Sundin would be the big scoring centre that the Habs need, great on face-offs, and gritty to boot!

There has been no confirmation that Sundin is interested in Montreal, just rumours for now. Gainey tried to acquire Sundin already, and now that Gainey wouldn't have to trade players like Chris Higgins, a draft pick, and possibly more to get him, then by all means go for it!

For far too long the Habs have needed a big scoring centre, and for far too long Sundin has had a field day playing against the Habs, isn't it about time the tables were turned?

If Sundin is interested, then he should speak to Gainey as soon as possible, to allow Gainey to possibly make some draft day moves to accommodate Sundin, or to acquire another piece of the puzzle.

I for one, would enjoy seeing Sundin play for Montreal, it would be almost the final piece of the puzzle that would bring Lord Stanley's Cup back to Montreal. Would it be a good signing, yes! Unfortunately for Sundin, every time he played in Toronto for the Habs, he would be seen as the enemy, where he has played for so long.

Let the off season rumours, and innuendos start, but hey, that's what makes the off season so much fun.
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