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So here's something that really gets to me.. Yea I’m not liking what Heatley’s doing, but what was management thinking when they gave him the “A”, permanently?! I remember watching the first or second game since he'd been promoted; with that fancy letter on his jersey he started it off with an undisciplined 10 minute misconduct cross-check to a player the opposing team... In a close loss if I remember correctly..

That being said, up till a few months ago I loved Heater! Didn't think he was ever much of a team player, but still thought he carried some sort of loyalty. If he really wanted it, personally I think he would've given it more time, Considering the Sens pretty much gave him new life after asking for a trade after what happened in Atlanta… You’d think he’d value them enough to honour his role.

Anyways, that's it for my rant.. And that's my opinion and my opinion only.. I don't wanna judge on something probably blown out of proportion enough thanks to the media but still from what’s out there I'm pretty P!ssed off..

Anyways, I'm asking who get's the "A" next year. When Alfie retires I dunno who's our next Captain.. Spezza? Phillips? Fisher? I dunno... Hard to believe Heater had it, that's why I kinda want Neil to take a bigger role with his new contract and add some of that team leadership.

I really don’t like talking about who to trade, or who to sign or whatever, but If I'm Murray I'm looking at what kind of player brings dedication, leadership, respect & professionalism, and a great work ethic to the team. Bottom line is he's the type of guy this organisation needs on and off the ice. Never once has he gone on and given less than %100. If he can add up some of the numbers he had a few years ago (15 goals - 17 assists) then he's for sure worth the 2Mil as a player and a leader!!

Volchenkov looks like a good candidate too, we've lost a lot of our core players in the last few years (Schaefer, Havlat, Smolinski, Vermette, Eaves, Corvo, Preissing, Mesjaros, etc..), trying to build around the young core we have going now might take a few new, or maybe even a few old faces. Kovalev anyone??

Here's the roster we had going in the cup finals:

Dany Heatley - Jason Spezza - Daniel Alfredsson
Mike Fisher - Peter Schaefer - Mike Comrie
Antoine Vermette - Chris Kelly - Oleg Saprykin
Patrick Eaves - Dean McAmmond - Chris Neil
Brian McGrattan

Andrej Meszaros - Wade Redden
Joe Corvo - Tom Preissing

Chris Phillips - Anton Volchenkov
Christoph Schubert

Emery - Gerber

And here's what we had going last year:

Daniel Alfredsson "C" - Jason Spezza - Dany Heatley "A"
Mike Fisher - Nick Foligno - Ryan Shannon
Chris Kelly - Chris Neil - (Mike Comrie)
Jesse Winchester - Jarkko Ruutu - Shean Donovan
Christoph Schubert - Cody Bass **

Filip Kuba - Chris Campoli
Chris Phillips "A" - Anton Volchenkov
Jason Smith - (Brendan Bell)
Alexandre Picard - Brian Lee

Alex Auld - Brian Elliott - Pascal Leclaire **

Big changes.. still that's not a bad team, with Karlsson maybe coming up and Leclair coming in I'm looking forward to next year! Nothing a little tweaking can't do (But wait, 10 Defensmen!! - include Schubert/Karlsson). Most still beleive Ottawa comes out strong next year and contends for a top spot in the East. Can't wait!!

Interesting to hear some thoughts, there’s so many questions that need to be dealt with come draft day. My previous articles goes more into detail on current team issues, but now how do you think these new faces will do?? Can Bass fit in the spot?? What about all those defensemen, there was talk of Smith retiring too?? And what do we do with our bulk Defensmen??

Should be an interesting few weeks…

Also, please check out a website for a fantasy league which was just created a few days back. Trying to promote as best I can, fill out a form to take on a roll for the site as we're getting a pretty big reception, if full there is a waiting list. Send us some feedback,

August 18, 2009 12:56 PM ET | Delete
August 18, 2009 2:16 PM ET | Delete
Ottawa will be the team to beat in the East! If they get something worthwhile for Heatley.
August 18, 2009 10:33 PM ET | Delete
I'd like to see bryan get a good second line center
August 19, 2009 10:14 AM ET | Delete
Whatever happens with Heatley they still need to shed some cash. What about Kelly and a few D, think that could fetch a good 2nd line center..
August 19, 2009 11:33 AM ET | Delete
I'd take Comrie back to
August 20, 2009 5:39 PM ET | Delete
Trade heater for a good 2nd line center
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