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"What Will Happen Next?"
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So what happens Next?

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Over the past few weeks Cliff Fletcher has started to completely dismantle the core of the "Toronto Maple Leafs".

I'm Gonna take a wild shot in the dark and say that captain Sundin is NOT going to be back in the blue and white next year, going to wherever he feels he has the best chance, and i say "Catch ya later" on the condition he doesn't screw the team by going AFTER July 1st.

Next we have Darcy Tucker. I've Always loved Tucks because he was that guy you knew would come out and play no matter what. I have a Tucker jersey, and I'll still wear it proudly,knowing I have on, one of the best players to ever have a commitment to showing up and wearing it all on his sleeve from night to night to night; Until the last season. Wear and tear was beginning to show as Tucks was playing injured for a majority of the season. I Actually will question Fletchers' buyout simply because, isnt the direction we're aiming for, a more physical, don't push our buttons or your gonna get smashed team? Tucks showed that once he was healthier nearing the last month, that he can still pump up his game. Only problem is if we kept him this season he would have had a 3rd line spot and it only shows that he can play well with top 6 minutes + PP. Nonetheless, you need the vets to guide the kids. Only way that i will change my mind on that stance is if Fletch really shows that he will surround the kids with a good physical guidance figure (And don't say McCabe.)

Welly and The dull Razor have been sent out to sea. Wellwood is going to end up in Vancouver, where he will hopefully continue his NHL career. I really thought that kid had potential, but he just didn't have any motivation. Razor was destroyed by the hateful Toronto fans and media. Personally I LIKED raycroft and i believed if he had a team that wasn't running around in the defencive zone then he would be able to repeat 37 wins in a season. Goodluck boys.

Next up is the possible team for next year as it stands right now.

C-Nik Antropov : Trade bait? Cliff Said he wants him but is Anyone safe?, I say trade.

C/LW-Mark Bell : Could he ever return to his blackhawk ways? Ill give him a chance.

C-Dominic Moore : Very Steady Defencive style. Keep him.

C/W-Alex Steen : I'd like to see him play more physical but very good defensively. Keep,unless a good trade.

C-Matt Stajan : Very Very good grinder, Possibly the Kesler of the East. Keep.

LW-Nikolai Kulemin : Can't wait too see this guy in action. Keep.

LW-Jason Blake : Why JFJ...Why?

LW/RW/C-Boyd Devereaux : See Moore, But could be traded.

LW- Robert Earl : Good physical presence. Keep him he's young.

LW-Alexei Ponikarovsky : "Ponikarovsky has been traded for a bag of used pucks!
Toronto clears the road for the parade because they just got the star player they
needed in that bag of pucks!" Well thats about how i feel for poni. He plays like hes 5'0"

LW-Jiri Tlusty : Untapped potential, just no more naked shots please?

RW-Jamal Mayers : Big and physical, just how we want em.?!

RW-Jeremy Williams : I say he gets more of a chance.


Tomas Kaberle : I love Kabby, but he isn't very physical. then again, Lidstrom didn't have a hit until the second round of the playoffs.

Bryan McCabe : Please McCabe. PLEASE go to the island, we don't need you, go win a cup with them. (LOL, it could happen...ok i lied)

Pavel Kubina : I personally like him, but because of the NTC and the fact we can move him right now, i say move him , but if he's still here in sept, i wont really be upset.

Carlo Colaiacovo : 82 games this year? ...we'll see.

*Ian White*: Could be replaced for Kronwall.

Anton Stralman : Smoothest skater on the leafs behind kaberle. Sweet Potential

*Steffan Kronwall* : Could be replaced by White...who wants like 180 5'7" when we have 2?? 6'?" sitting around?


Vesa Toskala : I personally wonder if we should keep him or trade him to someone in need of a goalie and is willing to dish it out. All he will give us is more wins, and play like 60-70 games. I REALLY want to see pogge in some games this year and it bugs me how long hes been rotting in the AHL.


So....What happens next? It's Your move Cliff;Call,Bet or Hold.
(Ps. This is my first Blog EVER, so be nice :D)
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