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Ten burning answers

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1. Who will score more goals this season, Rene Bourque or Daymond Langkow?

Bourque. The only issue i am, have or will ever be concerned about is his health. Not sure when the last time was where he did play all 82 games but if he does, he is a force going to the net and would easily score 30 goals each healthy season.

2. What category would you be most pleased to see Jay Bouwmeester lead the rest of the Calgary Flames defense in, Penalty minutes? Hits? or Blocked shots?

Sure, i want Jay-Bo to score but I'm hoping he would lead in bone crushing hits. Since it helps out Regehr and Phaneuf to have another hard hitting monster D-man scaring the crap out of opposing forwards, it wouldn't serve the team to have him off the ice in the penalty box or on the sidelines with a broken ankle blocking shots.

3. Is David Moss capable of scoring 60pts?

Yes.....but, first I'm hoping he has spent the summer working on his puck possession skills. Too many time, when receiving a pass, his eyes would widen to the size of the moon and he would get rid of the puck to quickly, if he works on his open ice stick handling, he would score 60 with more than half coming on the power play.

4. Who will reach the 20-goal mark this season first, Nigel Dawes or Dustin Boyd?

I feel Dawes will regain his scoring touch and really light the lamp while i believe Boyd will become that play maker he was drafted to be.

5. Which is more likely, that Olli Jokinen is traded or signs an extension at some point next season?

This is a tough question, i want the Olli that is a motivated player and I'm a little afraid that if the Flames were to sign him long term he might lose that as he has in the past so I'm not sure. I guess if i have to answer my own question, I'm hoping he has such a great season this year that the Flames do resign him but DO NOT include a "no movement" clause in the deal.

6. Who do you think will be the biggest surprise on the Flames this season?

Some will say Curtis Glencross but if he has another great season i wouldn't be surprised. I'm thinking about another Curtis, one in which that Noodles (Jamie McLennan, Flames new goalie coach) is just the person to really help Curtis McElhinney stay lose and prepared. I see C-Mac playing at least 20 games and having something like a 11-6-3 record.

7. Who do you think will be the biggest disappointment?

Now, I'm going to put Curtis Glencross here as my answer because if he doesn't play as well as he did last season, i would really be disappointed

8. If no more changes were made to the current roster, will this team make the playoffs?

Absolutely yes.

9. Can Brent Sutter get more out of Dion Phaneuf?

Thats definitely the thinking after he coached Dion during his junior days in Red Deer. I remember watching him play against my Calgary Hitman and he always dominated in those games so yes, i truly believed we will be back to hearing Norris trophy candidate when talking about Dion Phaneuf.

10. Which of the following former Flames will be the first to sign a new contract: Alex Tanguay, Rob Niedermayer, Denis Gauthier, Blair Betts, Robert Lang or Todd Bertuzzi?

I will say Betts gets signed sooner since he is the cheapest there. Followed by Niedermayer, Tanguay while Lang and Bertuzzi could be mid-season inclusions leaving Gauthier to play over seas or retire

Again id like to thank Eric Engels for the idea as he posted his own ten questions for Hab fans last week. Thanks to the readers for playing, i can hardly wait until the start of the season.

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