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This is a Joke...

If I watch another game tonight like the the past two then I'll start cheering for ...gulp...Calgary. At least their management was able to identify a problem and rectify it.

The biggest problem with this team is not the Powerplay, lack of a decent center or is leadership. Want to know why Stamkos developed so well and Traverse hasn't??? Look at the people TB surrounded Stamkos with vs the people NYI used. Lets face it Edmonton is a lot more like NYI then TB in that regards and that is really unfortunate.


- Horcoff needs to start using the word "I" instead of "we" when he lays blame. Morrow did the same thing last year and when you play like the Oilers have for the past couple weeks you have to start looking at what you're doing wrong. After all there is no "I"in team but a good team is made up of accountable, complimentary individuals...something most of the Oilers Veterans don't know a thing about.

- Really hated the fact that the Gave Horcoff the "C" and I still do. They should have given Penner, Whitney and Horcoff each an "A".

-Why is Penner not playing wing with Hall in the middle and Eberle on the other side??? He's the Oilers most complete forward and would be a mentor and safe option??? Plus what ever happened to trying Hall at Center. Lord Knows we can't get any lower in the standings and I don't think the 2 or 3 games Hall was in the middle is enough to say he can't do it.

-Reality check People. Some Oilers Fan's really need to get off the Sauce. The Fisher and Versteg deals set the value of any trades regarding Hemsky. Looking at what the Oilers have as far as talent right now on the wings and tell me that either of those player wouldn't have been more helpful to the Oilers Plans moving forward. They aren't going to put up the Point that Hemsky would but the are better defensively, have played on winning teams, can play anywhere in the line up and are both really good in the locker room.

Maybe I'm wrong and we should keep Hemsky because he is such a good Offensive talent...But if he's our best player an one of our top leaders why are we picking First in the draft for the second year in a row. Sorry Glazed over fans...If Hemsky gets the Oilers anything close to what TO and OTT got for Hemsky we should consider ourselves lucky.

- Heard alot lately about Adam Oates and his influence on you centers. First it was Jared Stoll discussing Oates teaching how to win draws and next it was on TSN discussing Oates roll in TB(?). Got me thinking. Why did Bucky stay on as the offensive coach and why can't we get a center to play on the forth line that can mentor our guys in face-offs? One name comes to mind...Zenon Konopka. I can't say his name properly and have only seen him twice this year but he left a impression both times. The first is when Edmonton Plaed the Islanders. He went something like 12 for 12 on the dot and at one point in the game he was directing guys where to go like he was a general. The other time I saw him was last weekend in an interview after the Gong Show with the Penguins. He was talking about sticking up for his teammates.

-Lastly it's time to be armchair GM. Youtube "Dylan McIlrath". The kid is awesome. Here's the deal. Him and Steve Eminger for Tom Gilbert. Eminger could fill a seat for the year and is gone in the summer, Edmonton Picks up a nasty D-man with a wicked shot and we rid ourselfs of another player that some glue sniffing fans seem to think is a lot better then he is.
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