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This is how I see this game and theseries breakdown!

Special teams throw out what we have done for the year vs everyone else lets go head to head!

Sabres PP 6 of 23
Isles PP 3 of 19

Buffalo also has added 2 Shorties into the mix! Advantage Buffalo!

Breaking down the Centers:

Drury--- Yashin
37 goals 32 assits +1--- 18 goals 32 assists +6
Briere--- Sillinger
32 goals 63 assists +17--- 26 goals 33 assists +5
Roy--- Kozlov
21 goals 42 assists +37--- 25 goals 26 assists +12

Looking at this breakdown Buffalo get the advantage becuase to behonest there is not better 3rd line Center in the league thanDerk Roy!

Breaking Down the Top 3 Winger:
Thomas Vanek Jason Blake

Advantage Vanek Pts and +/- Tops in the league

Jason Pomminville Miro Satan

Advantage Pomminville Plays the corners hard and can score the big goal! Points and +/- are

Max Afinogenov Ryan Smyth

Advantage I have to go with Smyth because of the leadership he brings to the Isles however after the series I think the Isles D might disagree with me.

Defense Breakdown:

Buffalo very quick and very offesive minded but solid in there own end, the Sabres D tend to take to mnay penalties either by holding or throwing the puck over the glass.

Isles are very physical and a more stay at home defense.

The advantage here I think is even Buffalo brings fast offense D however the Isles aggressiveness can counter that

No question Killer Miller Vs Dubie Advantage Miller..No explanation needed.

Coaching: Out of all 16 coaches in the playoffs not being a homer I will take Lindy over anyone. The guy is a mastermind at playing the press. If he gets down in series he will make a comment to throw of the other team and coaching staff and all the opposing team does is talk about what Lindy said the press talks about what Lindy said he gets the other Coach to drop F bombs in his post game conference (aka Hitchcock) The whole time putting the pressure on him and off his guys.

Big Advantage Ruff, Nolan is very good but Lindy is much better.

Buffalo will win this series at most in 5, with guys like Connolly and Stafford playing a very big role. The problem with the Isles will be just when you think that Buffalo is going to send out the 4th line and they think they can relax for a minute they notice that the Sabres 4th is probalby better than there 2nd.

Game # 1 in 6 hours! Prediction Buffalo 5 to 2
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