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The last bunch of games have been a roller coaster for this young Avs roster. The boys in Burgundy and Blue simply have to be better and more consistent if they would like to stay in the playoff picture.

Goaltending has been extremely shaky. Anderson had a solid game, followed by complete disasters. The one game vs. the Wild, he was poised, controlled and making those saves we all questioned being possible. Budaj, most recently came in and made some HUGE saves late to give the Avs a 4-3 win vs. the Blues. He will get rewarded for his play; getting the start vs. the Coyotes in the final game before the All - Star break. I'm hoping on a clear message sent to Anderson and an extreme re-focus over the break as well as a major break out for Andy as far as this season goes. Enough of a Budaj - Raycroft like split season already, please.

The defense is bad. Enough said really. They obviously need to get better, if you're asking me it's through trade. There are two guys I'd love to see brought in. One being Beauchemin and the other being Coburn.

Me deals would look something like:

To Tor: Stoa and a conditional pick
To Col: Beauchemin

To Phi: Hunwick, Porter and a second round pick
To Col: Coburn

Of course I have no idea how each team value's their players, probably just like every team they over value them. But, it'd be something I'd seriously look into, if I was the GM.

Our defence would then look something more like:

Beauchemin - Shattenkirk
O'Byrne - Liles
Coburn - Foote

Wilson and Cumiskey would both sit, but personally I'd like to see them switched in for Foote. At the end of the day, neither trade will happen so, it makes no difference. Just nice to speculate.

Then of course, we have the Forsberg factor. Philly probably would LOVE to get him, as would most teams. But hopefully, he decides to sign in Colorado (Most likely scenario). He brings veteran leadership, energy and most importantly; a bundle of skill to an offensive group that already produces mass amounts. He is shifty with the puck and always makes plays happen. I mean c'mon, it's Peter (Franking) Forsberg. In the 07-08 he played 9 games and picked up 14 points, going plus 7 and was said to have been playing at around 60 percent. Well, I wouldn't even mind him at 75 percent. But according to Foppa himself, he needs to feel good. Which makes the most sense, obviously we want him feeling great every shift and more importantly, every day. He also gives the Avs a couple new ways to position their offence.

The one which makes the most sense would be:

Forsberg - Duchene - Hejduk
Jones - Stastny - Stewart
Galiardi - O'Reilly - Winnik
McLeod - Dupuis - Yip

Another one would not involve breaking up the Duchene line:

Jones - Duchene - Hejduk
Forsberg - Stastny - Stewart
Galiradi - O'Reilly - Winnik
McLeod - Dupuis - Yip

The third one would be the wild card selection (Very unlikely though):

Jones - Duchene - Hejduk
Galiardi - Stastny - Stewart
McLeod - Forsberg - Yip
Dupuis - O'Reilly - Winnik

So, Avs fans - what do you think?
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