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Gainey must pass along

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During the weekend I asked myself why Bob Gainey called Sundin's Agent J-P Barry before the "August 1st deadline?" To be honest with all of you, neither I have found a logical or a "reasonable" answer on where Gainey is going. Perhaps, it's my French Canadian blood inside of me, that makes me think that it is useless and I arrived to the conclusion that fans from Quebec are doomed for a huge deception...

We have to consider that Mats Sundin will not play for the Habs - even dough I would like that to happen -, but since we do not hear from Sundin, I do believe that Montreal's GM shall step aside of the negotiations and pass along. Bob Gainey must find a way not to loose face regardless of what some Montreal Journalists or fans will say about him. Thus, far Gainey created a "virtual hockey fever" in Montreal during the Sundin saga, and again he protected his back when he got Alex Tanguay from the Flames. Tanguay was the real "impact player deal" Gainey was looking for.

For sure, I know some Habs fans will not consider this theory but they have to ask themselves this question: Do you really think that Sundin and Koivu can be on the same team?

A great day to all of you hockey fans!

I will connect later...

p.s. Sorry about my english.
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