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Awinagainov Anyone?

Posted 4:15 PM ET | Comments 0
It was just a few years ago when Maxim Afinogenov was loved by many in Buffalo.
"MAX NATION" was a craze! You heard a loud "ahhhh" take over the HSBC (Hot Sauce, Blue Cheese) Arena every time he touched puck.
Now Max is fading in popularity with his in-ability to play defense which tends to lead him to the BOX. And his mis-conception of how big nhl defensemen really are when attempting to take two on at the same time.
Is there any hope for the less than 200 lb./right winger left in Buffalo.
I'm not sure, but I guess if the Sabres can't trade him, sabres fans will have to find out for themselves.

MAX-NATION be for warned... prepare yourself... for his last adventures around the net this year wearing blue & gold.
There's always room in Pominville.
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