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The past 24 hours have showed a lot of progress and speculation with regards to the Meszaros contract negotions. I'm going to write the two sides opinions(or at least what we know) and my opion of who is right, and than you can comment your opinion.

Murrary: Bryan murray would like to have Meszaros back. He would prefer to have MEszaros on a short term contract becasue he has yet to prosper into the potential that he has. Meszaros did not have a great year last wheather this is connected to Redden lack of skill or what.. he simply under-preformed. Murray has offered Meszaros a 1 year contract worth $3.5 million USD. Murray would have like Meszaros to take the contract and take one year to prove what kind of player he is.

Meszaros: Meszaros believes he is at the calirbre of Mike Greene and Brent Seabrooke. This is not the case as he has not produed the numbers of Mike Greene offensively and is not the best defensively. Meszaros is seeking $4.5 million USD and is cleary only seeing $$$$$

My opinion: I think that Murray is being reason and correct. He is not taking a risk by throwing out big contracts. Before Meszaros get 4.5 a year he should be able to put up a 50 point season. He is a player who has loads of potential he just needs to prove it. I think he can eventually deserve what he is seeking.

Your Thoughts?
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