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Burke era to begin

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As I posted in this blog over 2 weeks ago, Brian Burke is ready to step in as president and general manager of the Maple Leafs.

The timing couldn't be better for both Burke and the Leafs. Burke now has plenty of opportunity to assess the team, prepare for the trading deadline and prepare for next summer's draft. It seems that MLSE has finally got something right and has not waited until right before the deadline to put a new GM in place.

In speaking to players on the team there is a nervous anticipation with the regime change. Everyone knows that Burke will want to put his own mark on this team and make an impact right away. No one will be deemed "untradeable" with the possible exception of Luke Schenn. How this impacts the play on the ice is anyone's guess at this point, but given last night's entertaining contest in Ottawa, the Leafs are playing with a business as usual approach.

I've got plenty of work to do over the next few weeks to line up some face-time with Brian who will undoubtedly be busy setting up his new regime in Toronto.

It's a very exciting time for Leaf fans, the possibilities are opening up and fans and players alike know the winds of change will bring renewed credibility and accountability in Leafland.
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dude, blog for the Blues already...
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I miss you :(
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