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???Really Sather???

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Dir Mr. Sather,

I am further from a New York Rangers fan than Vancouverites in 1994, but fire Tom Renney. Really?

Lets go back to that era when you quoted that if I had the spending abilities the New York Rangers had I would win the Stanley Cup every year. Well you did for seven years until the salary cap, and you sucked! You are probably against the salary cap. Maybe you could of paid Wade Redden 12 million a year.

Now with the salary cap you manage to overpay special players(Redden Jagr Poti Drury Gomez) I could go on but you get my point and the man that kept the teams head above water, You FIRE!

You do not deserve Tom Renney, nor do you deserve to ride the coat tails of Oilers Dynasty that you so gladly take credit for.

I really hope your ride ends soon, and I wish Tom all the best in the future. The way coaches are canned in the Nhl, he'll get his turn sooner, than later.

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