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Is it possible that Trevor Linden is delaying this contract status to show to Vigneault that benching Linden for so many games last year was a mistake?

If Canucks fans can remember, Linden was benched lots throughout the season, even after a 2 goal game, even after one of his best games of the season. When he was put with the Sedins, he had many chances, hit the post a couple times, potted a couple goals, played old Trevor Linden hockey, yet he was taken off the line and put back on the 4th line. Who ended up playing with the Sedins? Taylor Pyatt. Now i'm not saying Pyatt is a bad fit for the Sedins, but when you got Trevor Linden finally playing like himself of old, why would you ruin it?

I'm sure everyone can agree that Linden's age is catching up with him, but he's still got a couple years left in the tank. If it is true that Linden is willing to take the league minimum just for Nonis to get some offense, why shouldn't he be a solid 3rd line contributer? Why must he be a healthy scratch everytime we decide to call up a Moran or a Reid? Sure, Linden isn't going to pot the goals he once did, or skate like he used to, but he is Trevor Linden. A name doesn't make a player score goals or skate like Pavel Bure, but for a guy that has given so much service to our team, i'd much rather have him on the ice as an inspiration to our players rather than try out Brad Moran or Brandon Reid for a couple games to see if they're NHL worthy.

Does anyone remember the year we acquired Trevor Linden from the Washington Capitals? I sure as hell remember it, and it was one of the best moments in history to be a Canucks fan. The city was jacked up for the season to start, everybody in the crowd had Linden jerseys on, everyone was extatic!

Does the Canucks organization forget this easily how much he's done for the team? He's still a great PKer, he's still a great role model, and he showed with the Sedins that he still has a couple goals left in him, so why do we always leave him as the odd man out?

I'm sure that Linden will be a Canuck this offseason and i'm expecting a deal to be announced soon, but this deal should have been done 2 months ago. Signing Linden should have been one of our top priorities, and instead we went out and spent money on Byron Ritchie and Brad Isbister. Good signings, but where do we put Linden in the lineup?

Look at the Lineup. This is where I think we'll be at the start of the season.

Sedin - Sedin - Pyatt
Naslund - Morrison - Isbister (Lets say)
Cooke - Kesler - Shannon
Cowan - Ritchie - Burrows

Sure the Canucks went out and got depth incase of injury, which is a good thing, but did they leave any room for Linden? I think not. Did they do it intentionally? Only the Canucks management knows.

Let's say the rumours are true about Forsberg and he might become a Canuck, thats even one less spot left for Linden on the roster. Is Linden going to play 5 games this season?

Linden sure as hell knows that with all the new talent coming in for their 3rd/4th lines that the Canucks are expecting him to retire soon. Is he waiting out on the contract talks to tell the management that it's okay to bring in new talent, but it's not okay to leave no spot in the line-up for a long time serving Canuck.

Captain Canuck does not deserve to be treated like that, no matter how much depth we want on our 3rd/4th lines. When he signs his deal with the Canucks, Trevor Linden should be a regular NHL starter for the Canucks.

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