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Boy, what a game! Our boys came out a little flat and undisiplined. Their legs were laboring a bit and not to mention they ran into eachother a few times but WOW; what a way to gut out a point! This team showed a lot of grit last night!

The first 20 minutes couldnt have gone worse. ATL peppered Lalime with shots from everywhere, and he absolutely stood on his head! What a great signing he is turning out to be! I hope he can keep it up becuase he can be a great assett. After all of that the Sabres found themselves down 2-0 after 20 minutes. This team could have easily folded and assumed the fetal position.

I loved the way they battled and stuck to the system during the 2nd period, not letting ATL run away with this game. TV scores on the PP and BOOM we have a game folks! During the second intermission I thought to myself...."boy we have them right where we want them". Much like a couple years ago whenever we were down by a goal heading into the final period....Im sure a lot of you remember that!

During the final stanza Lalime continued to get the job done. I am really finding myself at a loss for words when it comes to Lalime, he looked so good last night I cant emphasis that enough! But anyways the boys stuck to the game plan and it paid off when Pommer forced a turnover near the blueline, took the puck and fired a wrister from in the between the circles, Lehtonen makes the save but Pommer continues to the net and follows up on his own rebound! At this moment the whole City of Buffalo took a collective sigh of relief. As the puck went into the net I couldnt help but think back to the days of 2005-2006. Some of you may say..."hey what about 06-07". Well the way this team is working reminds more of 05-06, in 06-07 it was more of a run and gun lets score as many as we can mentality.

Anyways this game eventually goes into a shootout and we failed to come up with the victory. But I think this point means a lot to the Sabres. 3/4 points on back to back nights....Ill take it, especially with what this team showed us tonight! This team is armed with the will and determination!!! (and grace too)

Dare I say it......HARDEST WORKING TEAM IN HOCKEY......?
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