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"Skating On Thin Ice"
Denton, TX • United States • 28 Years Old • Male
When will the Stars learn to push back in this series? As soon as there is any momentum change against them, Canucks score a goal. When you dominate 50 minutes of a 60 minute game, show enough heart to not lose it in 10 minutes.

Turco should be blame-free so far for this series. He has done his part to win it. He stole the end of game 2, and was well on his way to doing the same in game 3 if there had been anyone on the Stars team who could get the puck out of the zone. Is Turco now in practice working on his wristshot, that Modano/Morrow/Ribeiro/etc have all forgot how to use?

Boucher sets highs for goals and powerplays goals. So we are going with Sydor on the point in the playoffs? The best thing about Boucher on the point is that his shot got through, it wasn't just blocked by some random body in front, which meant not only goals for Boucher, but also junk goals on rebounds and second chances. Tippett, did the regular season teach you nothing? How hard is it to figure out that your #1 powerplay unit should include Zubov/Boucher on the points? It worked in the regular season. The powerplay hasn't worked in the playoffs since Boucher was taken off the first unit.

To add more about the lineup changes, can we juggle guys who aren't scoring? In other words, all lines except Barnes/Halpern/Lundquist. Please take Ott off the second scoring line. That is a joke. Everyone in Dallas loves Ott, but there is no reason for him to be on a scoring line. Break up the 4th line, who skate all over the rink, seem to outskate everyone, just so they can lose it along the boards and get no scoring out of it. With the personnel the Stars have, an energy line (with Ott) that played around 5, maybe 7 minutes a game would be great, with the checking line playing tons against the Sedin line, and then needing to give the 2 scoring lines enough time to get something going. Apparently I don't get paid for coaching an NHL team, but it just seems like you would put your players in areas to succeed, and to help your team win. I like Tippett, much more likeable than Hitchcock ever was, but if the Stars lose this series and this is how the team looks, have to say Tippett is looking at the door, regardless of a nice regular season considering the injuries.
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