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Post Game with Protest

Posted 12:33 AM ET | Comments 0
Hello to all the Canucks fans desperate enough to click on our logo on the top of the website. I am not a writer, but I am a fan that loves interesting point of views. We as Canucks fans are currently in transition until Eklund appoints us a blogger, hopefully with the insight of a BD Gallof, Gertz, Jesse Connoly, Jon Jordon, or our lost Mark Gage. Till then, i will in point form discuss our game with the rangers.

-there is nothing like a 2 goal lead in the 1st to settle this team down
-great forecheck, or is it slow rangers defenders that caused all the turnover?
-Canucks let in 2 PP goals while scoring 1 PP and 1 SH goal, with one disallowed, are you happy with the Canucks special team play so far?
-Nigel Dawes remind me alot of Mason Raymond, tons of speed but slower hands.

Tough game tomorrow as Sandford takes on the Wild.
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