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Taken from over at http://hockeybuzz.com :

Many hockey sites on the net had the name Eklund and Hockeybuzz.com in the articles or in the comments sections…often followed by negative comments about his rumors and lack of reliable “sources”.

Many people often asked how accurate his crazy rumors were and when the last time he was even right with one of his site specific rumors.

This led a few of us hockey fans to start http://hockeybuzz.com in Jan 2008 and keep an ongoing tally from that point on and to have a public record of all the insane rumors that are reported by only him.

We use the EKLUND RUMOR RECORDER to show his accuracy and record all rumors from his site along with links back to the original postings from Hockeybuzz.com.

A few site specific details:

- all rumors are put into the INCORRECT category to start becuase of course they have not happened yet (and probably wont in Eklunds case)

- If a rumor does in fact pan out we move it to the CORRECT category

- we record ALL rumors reported only by Eklund, who always claims his sources told him…..

- the site and the RUMOR RECORDER were started in Jan 2008 and all stats and posts are from that point to the present day.
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